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Our objective is to create interaction forums between industrialists, scientists and deemed academicians working in the field of science and technology. We try our level best to collaborate with prestigious universities, academic institutions, science and technology societies all over the globe. We try to organize and promote conferences, workshops, seminars, courses, tutorials and exhibitions in the area of advanced science and technology in India and abroad. Our one of the priority is to organize lectures by scientists and experts and to disseminate their ideas and concepts among the science and technology community. We wish to set an ideal for the world in the field on modern technology when we deal with modern technology affairs.

We will develop curriculum and promote studies and study tours in the specific areas of science and technology. We will undertake specific actions that can formulate national policies and programmes We will provide stipends, scholarships, fellowships, prizes, etc in order. to assist outstanding students and individuals in accordance with their merits. We will issue awards to honor individuals for their outstanding contributions in the field of science and technology. To publish books, journals and newsletters relating to science and technology; since they are the best source of spreading information. We will be more than pleased to honor Members of the Society for their outstanding contributions in promoting the objectives of the Society. We will do such things that make reinforcement of all the above objectives possible. We will help the community to improve their technical skills.

Because in today's fast life and growing economy people without technical skills struggle a lot tech knowledge is required everywhere from reading morning news on your tablet to anchoring morning news like David Davis. If the entire community starts using technology many trees could be saved since less paper would be manufactured the work will also be made easier.

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Come be a part of a global society, filled with projects and enthusiasm to make the world a better place.


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